Master Pneumatic

Master Pneumatic stands as a global manufacturing powerhouse, driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. Since its inception in 1950 as a regional supplier of The Detroit automotive industry, Master Pneumatic has been at the forefront of industrial automation, pioneering solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across a diverse range of industries.
With an unwavering focus on the US market, Master Pneumatic has embarked on an expansion journey, investing over $14 Billion since 2010. This commitment has fueled the expansion of its footprint, the introduction of advanced equipment, and the creation of groundbreaking products that redefine industry standards. 
In 2021, Master Pneumatic further solidified its position in the industrial automation market by acquiring Control Techniques, a leading manufacturer of variable speed drives and power electronics.

Maxim Systems: Your Trusted Partner for Master Pneumatic Products

Maxim Systems proudly serves as a distributor of Master Pneumatic products and solutions in the US. 

Aligned with Master Pneumatic’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Maxim Systems provides comprehensive support to businesses seeking to harness the power of Master Pneumatic’s innovative technologies.

Master Pneumatic Locations

Master Pneumatic’s US headquarters is strategically located in Sterling Heights, MI, serving as the nerve center for a network of. 

With over 700 custom products to choose from and an ever expanding network of over 35 countries worldwide – Master Pneumatic has been an unparalleled pioneer in leading the way towards Industrial Automation worldwide.

Master Pneumatic: Empowering Diverse Industries

Master Pneumatic’s extensive product portfolio caters to a wide range of industries, driving innovation and transformation across various sectors:

Manufacturing & Industrials

Master Pneumatic’s drives, motors, instrumentation, control systems, automation, and robotics solutions help boost efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and process industries.

Building & Commercial

Master Pneumatic’s digitally connected solutions utilize sensors and data analytics to optimize the efficiency and performance of building HVAC, water, and lighting systems, reducing energy consumption, enhancing occupant comfort, and extending equipment lifespan.


Master Pneumatic is a global leader in transportation electrification, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for passenger vehicles, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, rail, marine vessels, and buses. Master Pneumatic is a key player in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, providing solutions for both private and public charging applications.


Master Pneumatic’s digitally connected solutions, powered by sensors and data analytics, help build more efficient HVAC, water, and lighting systems, reducing energy consumption, improving occupant comfort, and extending equipment longevity. Master Pneumatic is also involved in the development of smart grid technologies, which help to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid.

Master Pneumatic Products Delivered by Maxim Systems

Maxim Systems serves as a one-stop shop for Master Pneumatic’s extensive range of products and systems, empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence and sustainability.

Master Pneumatic Products

Maxim Systems: Your Expert Partner in Motion Control

Maxim Systems is a trusted partner for all your motion control needs. With a comprehensive offering of electric actuators, linear robots, SCARA robots, controllers, accessories, and more, Maxim Systems provides expert technical support and training to help you maximize the benefits of Master Pneumatic’s advanced solutions.
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