Stainless Steel Gas Springs Supplier

Stainless steel gas springs are vital components used in a variety of applications, from the automotive and aerospace industries to furniture and medical equipment. These gas springs use compressed nitrogen gas for controlled and smooth movement, whether for opening and closing doors, hatches, or lids, or adjusting the height and position of seats, tables, or medical devices.

Why Choose Maximsystems as Your Stainless Steel Gas Springs Supplier?

  • Broad Industry Experience: With over 20 years of experience, Maximsystems has established itself as a trusted supplier of high quality stainless steel gas springs. Our expertise and knowledge in the field make us well equipped to meet your specific requirements.
  • Wide Range of Products: We offer a wide range of stainless steel gas springs from top manufacturers. Whether you require gas springs with different force capacities, stroke lengths, or mounting options, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.
  • Quality Assurance: We understand the importance of quality in gas springs. We source our products from renowned manufacturers known for their superior craftsmanship and adherence to industry standards. Every gas spring goes through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality and performance standards.
  • Custom Solutions: We recognize that each application has unique requirements. We provide custom solutions as per your specific needs. Whether you require customized force capacity, stroke length, or mounting bracket, our team of experts will work closely with you to develop the perfect solution.
  • Prompt and Reliable Service: On time delivery and excellent customer service are at the core of Maximsystems operations. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and strive to provide prompt and reliable service to our customers.

Top Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Gas Springs at Maximsystems:

  • ACE: Anyone who wants to lift or lower loads with control and without excessive strength relies on the industrial gas push type springs from ACE. These maintenance-free, ready-to-install machine elements, which are available from stock, support sheer muscle power and reliably open and hold. Available with body diameters of 8 to 70 mm and forces from 10 to 13,000 N, ACE gas push type springs are characterized by a huge variety and maximum service life.

Conclusion: Maximsystems – Your Trusted Supplier for Stainless Steel Gas Springs


Maximsystems, a leading supplier of stainless steel gas springs from top manufacturers, offers a comprehensive range of high quality products tailored to your specific needs.


With our extensive industry experience, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer service, Maximsystems is the go to supplier for all your stainless steel gas spring requirements. Contact us today and feel the difference between working with the best!