Valve Manifold Configurator Supplier

A valve manifold configurator is a device designed to control the flow of liquid or gas in a system. It consists of a set of valves, usually arranged in a block, that allows different flow paths to be controlled. Valves are connected to a common inlet and outlet, enabling the flow of liquid or gas to be directed according to system requirements.


Valve manifold systems are used in a variety of industries including petrochemicals, oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. They are used to control the flow of materials in and out of storage tanks, reactors, and pipelines.


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Top Manufacturers of Valve Manifold Configurator at Maximsystems:


SMC: Our SY and VQC Series manifolds and valves can be designed by you. Online valve manifold configurator that allows you to design your own valve/manifold. You can choose your I/O type, select a specific valve for each station and even choose blanking plates for future expansion. After designing your SY Series valve/manifold, you can download the CAD model and BOM for your assembly.

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